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formerly head of mobile access engineering @telefonica_de

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About me

I enjoy Technology, Electronics, Software, and the beauty of simple engineering solutions.

I believe that with the power of good habits and growth mindset one can achieve any goal. Becoming an engineer turned software developer is proof that you can make anything happen when you focus.

My professional experience allowed me to work with great people across 13 countries and the chance to live in big cities like Buenos Aires, London, and Munich.

Today, full stack web development is what brings me joy and provides the platform to take on new projects and keep learning.
Look around and learn a little more about my work.

Selected projects


Telecoms | Electronics

BA in Electronics Engineering. Extensive experience on wireless mobile Telecoms engineering @telefonica.

Experience working with

  • LAN/WAN Networks
  • 2G/3G/4G(LTE) air inteface
  • RAN Capacity Panning
  • RAN Performance Optimization
  • Site design optimisation
  • Factory rollout optimization
  • (*) RAN: Radio Access Network

software | development

2000+ hs training @microverseinc
Experience with Freelance projects. I love building projects to solve problems.

Experience working with

  • HTML5 | CSS3 | SASS
  • SQL | SQLite | Postgresql
  • Ruby | Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript | React | Redux
  • Python

Management | Leadership

MBA General Management. 16 years experience in Telecoms Industry. 10 years leading engineering teams.

Experience working as

  • Head of Mobile Access
  • Corp. Head of Access Infra
  • PMO Line Manager
  • Radio Planning Manager
  • 1: Munich - 2: London - 3: Buenos Aires

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear | Atomic Habits


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